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Summer Book Review #1: Kiss your Dentist Goodbye by Dr Ellie Phillips

Posted in Book Reviews with tags , , on July 26, 2013 by Annette Budd

I have had some HORRIBLE experiences with my teeth in the last few years.  Last fall, I knew I had an infection in the root of one of my teeth.  I had an x-ray of the tooth that I knew was the problem but the dentist assured me that a root canal wasn’t necessary.  She wrongly thought that the solution would be to replace an old filling in my tooth. It turns out that this old filling was actually letting some of the infection leak out. When she replaced it with a new filling, the infection was trapped inside and made my face swell up so much that I couldn’t see out of one eye.  I had to go the doctor and get an antibiotic shot. They were concerned that I was in a life threatening situation.

This represents the worst of my tooth trouble but, unfortunately, it was only one of many other root canals and fillings.  These problems were not only extremely painful and expensive, but they were also frustrating because I was doing the things that every dentist told me to do: flossing, brushing, using dental rinses – but still I continued with these problems.

Dr. Phillips has given me new hope when it comes to my teeth.  She operates under the theory that cavities form much more rapidly when mouth conditions are acidic.  She teaches people how to maintain an alkaline environment in their mouths. There are two basic elements to this:  xylitol and a four step tooth care system.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is often made out of the sap of birch trees.  It tastes a lot like sugar but the granules are a lot bigger.  I use it as a sweetener in tea. It also can be purchases in mints, gum and an oral spray. There are other health benefits, aside from just dental, in consuming xylitol. I find it to be a very pleasant addition to my diet.

She also recommends the following tooth care system. 1) First enhance your tooth cleaning by using a chlorine dioxide rinse. (I use Closys; I found a large bottle of this at Walgreens for $15) 2) Brush your teeth with a small amount of Crest regular toothpaste (Don’t use the whitening pastes or other enhanced products) 3) Disinfect all surfaces with an antiseptic rinse. (I normally spend a few moments soaking my toothbrush in this while I rinse) 4) Use a fluoride anti-cavity rinse (ACT for instance, although I use the equate brand of this)

One thing that really surprised me was how wonderful my teeth felt after I did this routine the very first time.  Now it feels like I just got a tooth cleaning at the dentist after each time I do this.

I still have two more crowns to put on the two root canals that I recently had.  After that, I am really hoping that my dental health improves greatly. I also put together one of the dental kits for each of my married children. I am hoping that this works so well that my children and grandchildren NEVER have to go through what I have gone through.  I guess time will tell.