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Maybe if Netanyahu became a talk show host . . .

Posted in Politics on September 25, 2012 by Annette Budd

President Obama’s refusal to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu, while making time for Letterman and The View, is prodding the Mideast closer and closer to the brink of war.  Those who have vowed to annihilate Israel are waiting for just the right moment to strike. That that moment is close at hand. Obama is sending the clear message that we will NOT stand with Israel if they are attacked. We don’t even have time to meet with them, let alone support them in a war. That’s how Israel’s enemies view this.

Iran test fired four missiles today in the Strait of Hormuz. If they close that strait, it will completely disrupt the trade of oil around the world. If you think the economy is bad now (and it is) wait until our supply of oil is cut off.  But Obama continues to be nearsighted, not being able to see anything past November 6th.

The relationship  between our country and most of the Arabic world at this moment is extraordinarily tenuous.  They are killing our ambassadors and embassies all over the world are on high alert.  And Obama’s excuse for not meeting with other world leaders today when he spoke at the UN was that if he met with one he would have to meet with ten.  We are at a time when we should be meeting with every world leader possible to avert war.

Maybe if those world leaders would host a talk show, Obama would make time to meet with them.


Political Chicken

Posted in Politics with tags , , on July 11, 2011 by Annette Budd

It’s like we are watching Obama and the Republican leaders playing a game of chicken with the future of the American people.  It is as if there is a car on a mountain road carrying both Obama and the Republicans. There is an enormous semi  (representing the debt ceiling) coming full speed at the car in the same lane of traffic.  Obama wants to swerve because all he sees is the semi.  The Republicans won’t swerve because they know that there are the steep cliffs of financial disaster on all sides.

Either way, we are toast.






Or This?

Colorado Amendments – How I am voting

Posted in Politics with tags on November 3, 2008 by Annette Budd

I have recently had a few people ask how I am voting on certain amendments.  I just thought I would explain how I am voting and the reasons behind my decisions here.

Yes on 46! Government should not be allowed to give preferential treatment to any person or company based on race or sex. This just insures a level playing field.

Yes on 47! No one should be forced to join a union or maintain union membership in order to work.

Yes on 48! A person’s a person no matter how small. All human life needs to be treated with respect.

Yes on 49! Lobbyists all need to get their money through direct donations. It is not right for some lobbyists to have the advantage of getting funds through payroll deductions of public employees. If I was a public employee, I would not want to experience the disapproval of my supervisors if I did not support what they wanted me to support with my money.

I just can’t decide on 50.  Overall, I think gambling is a bad thing for our society. This amendment would just give longer hours and higher limits for those places that already allow gambling.

No on 51! It is a tax increase to help disabled people. I do care about the disabled but our taxes are already high enough. This is $186 million tax hike. Ouch.

Yes on 52! This makes the government spend state severance taxes on roads. Severance taxes are paid by companies that take natural resources (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) out of the earth.

53 has been removed from the ballot. It has already been printed, so you will see it but it doesn’t count.

Yes on 54! This is known as the clean government amendment.  It will stop some specific kinds of government contractors from contributing to political campaigns. I am hoping it will mean less money available for television ads.

55, 56 and 57 have been removed from the ballot. It has already been printed, so you will still see them but they won’t count.

No on 58! The ads on this have been confusing but if you read the first words of the amendment “SHALL STATE TAXES BE INCREASED $321.4 MILLION ANNUALLY”. Governor Ritter’s commercials lead you to think it is something other than a tax increase but it isn’t.

No on 59! I still believe that the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (no matter how completely wacky and embarrassing Republican Douglas Bruce is now) is a fabulous thing for the state of Colorado. It keeps the control in our hands. Amendment 59 would let the government keep all of the extra taxes that are collected.

Yes on Referendum L – If a twenty-one year old can get him/herself elected, more power to them.

Yes on Referendum M – Gets rid of obsolete provisions

Yes on Referendum N – Gets rid of obsolete provisions

No on Referendum O – This just changes some of the rules about how amendments get on the ballot and how politicians deal with them.

Another Palin Post?

Posted in Politics with tags , on September 18, 2008 by Annette Budd

I’ve been so excited about how this campaign is going that I have decided to do yet another Sarah Palin post. Every day I grow more and more impressed with her character. I couldn’t be more impressed at the way she is dealing with the media. I’ve not heard any whining or complaining from her about the treatment that she is receiving. And it just continues and continues. At this point, nothing that they do concerning Sarah surprises me.

And McCain is really impressing me.  I didn’t catch the original airing of The View but I did see clips of both the Obama and McCain interview back to back. Their treatment of Obama was embarrassing. Telling him that he was hot and asking him about being related to Brad Pitt – come on. It made me want to take a shower. And then, in contrast, the way that Barbara Walters tore into McCain without even looking him in the eye. I just can’t get over how completely different those interviews were. I think that McCain handled them very graciously.

Teddy Roosevelt, Sarah Palin and a Bull Moose

Posted in Me, Politics with tags , , on September 6, 2008 by Annette Budd

One of the things that I know I have done right in my homeschooling is reading aloud to my children. It was one of the first and best blessing our family experienced because of Elissa’s dyslexia. We read biography after biography after biography. We spent a lot of time discussing each character’s strengths and flaws. And somewhere during all of that reading, I fell in love with Teddy Roosevelt.  He became one of my heroes.

I think I discovered this when I read about his campaign for president in 1912. He was speaking at a train station in Milwaukee and was shot in the chest. Because of all of his anatomical knowledge (he was homeschooled, by the way) he was able to correctly determine that the bullet had not hit his lung and was probably not life threatening. People begged him to go to the hospital. Instead, he spoke for an hour and a half. He started his speech by saying, “I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot; but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.” The bullet had gone through three inches of tissue and then lodged in his chest muscle. They decided it would be more risky to remove it than to leave it.

I love the stories about how he rid the government of corruption at every turn. I love the bravery he displayed while digging the Panama Canal. He is my hero.

And now, I have someone else to look up to. A woman, A WOMAN, who can hunt, kill and field dress a bull moose. Sarah, my twelve-year-old, and I were recently reading Captivating aloud together. The author recalled a story about her encounter with a bull moose. Do you know that more people are killed in national parks by moose than by any other animal? They are incredibly dangerous creatures. I am not positive, but I can’t think of a more powerful animal that is native to our continent than the moose.

And Sarah Palin eats them for breakfast. (Or at least she could.) Now, I have absolutely no desire to hunt like Teddy had and Sarah has but I do have a desire to live fearlessly; to not be afraid of the “Bull Moose” situations that are in my life.

What Does It Mean To Two-Fourteen?

Posted in Politics with tags , on September 1, 2008 by Annette Budd

For the last eight years, I have lived in a neighborhood which happens to be located in Precinct 214 of Arapahoe County, Colorado. I have served as a republican precinct leader here and in other neighborhoods for many years. Some of you may ask, “Why would you want such a thankless job?” Time is a precious commodity for everyone – but, for this season in my life, time is invaluable. Between running our business, chasing after my toddlers, homeschooling my seventh grader, teaching two classes at Crossroads Christian Academy and running a household with eight people, why would I make time to work for the republicans? Do the hours I spend engaged in this activity matter at all?


You see, I am working for so much more than a political party. I am working for:

  • The ownership of my husband’s sweat. Trust me, as a carpet cleaner, he sweats. (Ask my teenage daughters.) And that sweat provides for our family. The problem is that our government seems to think that it owns the fruit of his labors. This needs to change. Now.
  • Real solutions to the nightmare that constitutes our energy problems.
  • A deep respect for all human life.
  • And hope for this country’s future.

So this week, as my party meets at the RNC in the Twin Cities, I ask my leaders to reaffirm my belief that all of my labors are not in vain. I’m trusting you.

Things that Sarah Palin and I have in common

Posted in Politics with tags on August 30, 2008 by Annette Budd

I am very excited about McCain’s VP choice. On a personal level, it appears that she and I have a lot of things in common –

  • We were in high school at the same time; Annette graduated in 1983 – Sarah 1982
  • We both played the flute in high school
  • We have both been married for at least two decades; Annette, 24 – Sarah, 20
  • We both have more than the average amount of children; Annette, 6 – Sarah, 5
  • We both have more girls than boys; Annette, 4 – Sarah, 3
  • We both have a large span between our oldest and youngest child; Annette, 20 years – Sarah, 19
  • We both faced the same ridiculously false accusation that our oldest daughter really gave birth to our youngest child despite eye witness testimony and photographic evidence to the contrary.
  • We both refuse to let child birth slow us down.  After her water broke on the day of her youngest son’s birth, she delivered a keynote address in Texas and then flew eight hours to Alaska to have the baby. She returned to office three days after delivering the child. Well, she has me beat there but the words maternity leave have never been in my vocabulary.
  • She is a non-denominational Christian

And politically I have the utmost respect for her. It appears that we agree on all the issues that are important to me. She also said this a month before she was chosen,

“But as for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day? I’m used to being very productive and working real hard in an administration. We want to make sure that that VP slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for the things that we’re trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the U.S., before I can even start addressing that question.”

I love the fact that she is very concerned about having the ability to be productive all the time.

For awhile, I was afraid that McCain did not really understand who I am.  His VP choice has renewed my faith in him.