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The Extremes of Life

Posted in Budd Zoo, Family, grandparent on September 28, 2013 by Annette Budd

ImageToday I experienced the extremes of life. We found out that God has blessed our family with another little granddaughter!!! During Christina’s ultrasound today, the technician put the gender of the child in a sealed envelope. This was then given to a friend who went out and purchased cans of pink silly string and removed the labels.  At the appointed time during her reveal party, everyone sprayed each other with gooey pink stuff indicating that the estrogen levels in the Noe family would one day soar off the charts. With a wife and three daughters, Nate will surely have his work cut out for him.

I am happy beyond words for this new child.  I can’t wait to meet her!  I’m excited to bless her. I’m looking forward to changing her little outfits.  It will be wonderful to hold her as she tries to walk.    Even serving this little child by changing her diapers is an honor for me. I mean that, it isn’t just words.

Gary’s grandmother is one of my most favorite people on the face of this planet.  She took a fall recently and has been struggling ever since.  I’m here taking care of her while Gary’s mom is on vacation.

My days have been filled with the same kind of activities that I do while I watch my grandchildren. Dressing grandma is a lot like dressing a little child.  Trying to get her to move her body in a manner to put on her clothing is challenging. We take a little walk each day – not father than a few hundred feet in front of the house.  I don’t dare let go of her because I’m afraid she will fall.  I have to keep encouraging her.

She asks me the same questions over and over again . If she doesn’t like the answer to the questions, she will challenge me on why things can’t be the way she wants them. Last night at dinner I separated a small portion of turkey on her plate and told her she could have a bite of pie if she ate her meat first. It worked.

We even have little fights over nap time.  The irony is that with my granddaughter it can be challenging to convince her to go to sleep.  With grandma we struggle to keep her awake until naptime.

I’ll snuggle up next to her and listen to her tell me stories. Then I tell her stories. Then she will tell me stories.

It seems like almost every detail of her life can be compared to that of a small child. The joy of being with both my granddaughters and my grandmother is overwhelming. Overflowing.  All consuming.  I treasure every moment.


$4.40 worth of peace and quiet

Posted in Budd Zoo, Parenting with tags , on June 26, 2013 by Annette Budd

moneybags I don’t know why but every time David, almost six, and Michaela, almost eight, got into the car, World War III broke out. It was driving me up and wall. We were about to embark on a five hour drive to Kearney, Nebraska and I was afraid.  The arguing that happened during a trip to the grocery store was unpleasant. I could only imagine what that would be like times ten.

One of my friends, Kelly Lawrence, came up with a life saving idea and I implemented it. I filled a bag for each of them with 25 dimes.  Each time they fought with each other (or basically did anything that annoyed us) I took one dime away.  They lost a total of .60.  The peace and quiet that $4.40 bought on that trip was some of the best money I have ever spent.  When the trip was over we took them to the dollar store, which is pretty much ‘kid heaven’.

It worked so well that I decided to make it a permanent fixture in our lives. I got pencil cases that are designed to clip into a binders, labeled them and filled them with dimes. Then I hung them from the back of the headrests in the car.   I don’t know how long it will work, but for now I’m no longer dreading the car.

Parenting Dross

Posted in Budd Zoo, Parenting with tags , , on October 5, 2011 by Annette Budd

Here’s a parenting truth I recently discovered: Sometimes it is easier to focus on the dross that is coming out rather than the gold that is being refined. It is just that the dross seems to be so abundant. It’s ugly, useless  and it’s everywhere.  But the whole point of the refinement process is to make the gold pure.  The gold is now beautiful and very valuable even if it is not abundant as the dross. I’m going to consciously focus on gold coming out of the fire rather than the dross coming out of the refining process.

Daniel’s Song For Me

Posted in Budd Zoo, My son Daniel on May 8, 2011 by Annette Budd

Daniel wrote this song for me for Mother’s Day! It is one of my most favorite gifts ever!

Life and Death

Posted in Budd Zoo, Me with tags , , , , on February 21, 2011 by Annette Budd

This has been such a rough year for our family. We have lost five members in less than twelve months. The loss has been the greatest for Grandma. She has buried two sons, a brother, a daughter-in-law and her husband of twenty-five years.

I think that the worst kind of pain is watching someone that you love experience pain.

I have so many wonderful memories of Granddad and my uncles. I will always cherish the fun that we had and the love that we shared. All of the late nights.  The laughter. The deep conversations about God. The stories. The teasing. The games. The cheating at the games. The denial of the cheating. The reunions. The water fights. The prayers. The meals. The conversations while cleaning up after the meals. The advice. The support. The love.

Even the annoying sides of these people have become precious to me and I miss them.

It has been such a blessing to sit around with all the cousins and remember.  And we have done a lot of sitting and remembering this year. As much as I am not looking forward to another funeral this week, I am looking forward to being together with people that I truly love. People that I don’t get to see enough.

And in the midst of all of this death, God blessed Gary and I with our first grandchild this year. As hard as it was to kiss Granddad goodbye for the last time here on earth, I got to come home and kiss and hold my precious Josie Mae. Life is precious.

Sweetest Thing

Posted in Budd Zoo with tags , on January 2, 2011 by Annette Budd

Yesterday, one of my older children was kind of sad about something. Michaela, who is five, noticed this and went to comfort her sibling.  Michaela asked what was wrong and the problem was described to her in basic terms. Michaela immediately said, “Well, we need to pray about this. Repeat after me . . . .” Michaela then put together a prayer, pausing after each line for her sister to repeat her words.  When she was done she asked her sister if she felt better. The sister responded that she felt a little better. Michaela decided that they were going to pray until her sister felt completely better. So, Michaela fed her sister a line at a time having her repeat her words until the problem was prayed through.

It is so encouraging to me that a five-year-old would know that the answer to a problem is bringing it before God over and over again until God heals all wounds completely.

Saving taxpayer money

Posted in Budd Zoo, Misc., Parenting with tags , , , , on August 9, 2009 by Annette Budd

Daniel, my sophmore, just had a conversation with me that I have had two times before.  I have had the exact conversation with both of my older daughters.  It goes something like this:

Kid:  How much does it cost to go to public school?

Me: It’s free. They have some fees for activities but it basically doesn’t cost the students anything.

Kid: No really, tell me how much it is.

Me: I’m not kidding. Go ask Dad.  He will tell you the same.

Kid: Come on, just tell me.  Is it expensive?

Sometimes this will go a couple more rounds.

toliet dollarI just think it is interesting that all of my children assume that it costs the students a great deal of money to go to public school. But we all know that public school isn’t free. I especially know this because not only do I pay taxes to send all of my neighbor’s children to public school, then I turn around and then pay for my own kids’ curriculum. According to an HSLDA report in 2004, roughly 1/10 of the money is spent on homeschooling that is spent on public school kids.  And the results? The average homeschooler scores in the 80th percentile on standardized tests.

On the more personal side of things, I spend about $250 – $300 a year, on average per elementary/jr high school student. In the 2006-2007 school year, Colorado spent an average of $8,167 per pupil (and we are ranked 40th in the county) I have saved the citizens of Colorado a boatload of money.