Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your me’odekah. This Hebrew word means so much more than just strength. Literally translated it should say, “with all your very muchness”.


I am NOT an athlete.  In fact, my children will beg and plead with me to play a sport so they can mock me.  In all honesty, I’m just glad they don’t take a video of me and send it to a television show. So although I can’t really speak from personal experience, I can imagine the following:


Superior athletes have disciplined their bodies well and know their physical capabilities.  Near the end of competition, often they will find a place within themselves that they didn’t know existed until that moment.  They somehow reach into this spot and pull out more than they have ever produced. This is their me’odekah.  This strength from deep inside is released and pushes them on to do more than ever imagined.


I’m struggling with my health right now and feel very weak physically, emotionally and mentally.  Not just in spite of this but because of this, God is helping me to use my me’odekah to press into Him. He is showing me places that I didn’t know that I had and is helping me surrender these areas to Himself. It is wonderful and I highly recommend it! Ask your Creator, who intimately knows everything about you, to show you where your me’odekah is and then offer it as a gift back to Him.


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