Summer Book Review #6: When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson

When Heaven Invades EarthA few years ago I read the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn.  If I had to list in order the books that have impacted my life, that book would be somewhere near the very top.  And as my understanding of and excitement for heaven grows, my desire to see as much of it manifested in my life also increases.

When Jesus taught people to pray he said, “Your kingdom come.  Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”     Johnson says, “Everything that happens here is supposed to be a shadow of heaven.” He continues, “Conversely, if it is not free to exist in heaven, it must be bound here.  Again, through prayer we are to exercise the authority given to us” (Mat 16:19)

Johnson also poses the question of why some walk with a greater sense of God’s presence than others. The simple answer is that some people place high value on the presence of God and others don’t.  The ones who do enjoy fellowship throughout their day with the Holy Spirit are extremely conscious of how He feels about their words, attitudes and activities.  The thought of grieving Him brings great sorrow. It’s their passion to give Him preeminence in everything.  That passion brings that believer into a supernatural life – one with the constant activity of the Holy Spirit working through them.  It is my prayer and desire to place the highest value on the presence of God in my life.

I love one of the prayers that Johnson prays and have a whole-heartedly prayed this for myself.  “Father, you know that I don’t do so well when I look inward, so I’m going to stop.  I am relying on You to point out to me the things that I need to see.  I promise to stay in Your Word.  You said that Your Word was a sword – so please use it to cut me deeply. Expose those things in me that are not pleasing to You. But in doing so, please give me the grace to forsake them.  I also promise to come before You daily.  Your presence is like a fire.  Please burn from me those things that are unpleasing to You.  Melt my heart until it becomes like the heart of Jesus.  Be merciful to me in these things.  I also promise to stay in fellowship with Your people.  You said that iron sharpens iron.  I expect You to anoint the “wounds of a friend” to bring me to my senses when I’m being resistant toward You.  Please use these tools to shape my life until Jesus alone is seen in me. I believe that You have given me Your heart and mind.  By Your grace I am a new creation.  I want that reality to be seen that the name of Jesus would be held in highest honor.”

This book renewed my excitement for the things of heaven. It increased my desire for the power of God to be evident in all parts of my life.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking after these things.


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