Sweetest Thing

Yesterday, one of my older children was kind of sad about something. Michaela, who is five, noticed this and went to comfort her sibling.  Michaela asked what was wrong and the problem was described to her in basic terms. Michaela immediately said, “Well, we need to pray about this. Repeat after me . . . .” Michaela then put together a prayer, pausing after each line for her sister to repeat her words.  When she was done she asked her sister if she felt better. The sister responded that she felt a little better. Michaela decided that they were going to pray until her sister felt completely better. So, Michaela fed her sister a line at a time having her repeat her words until the problem was prayed through.

It is so encouraging to me that a five-year-old would know that the answer to a problem is bringing it before God over and over again until God heals all wounds completely.


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