Stina kissing NateFrom the time Christina was a very little girl, she would always close her eyes and turn her head away whenever anyone kissed.  Even while watching television, kissing made her very embarrassed.  She was this way up until high school.  It was very entertaining to watch her.

And then she met Nate . . . . When filling out their pre-marital counseling forms, they listed kissing as their most favorite activity. Of course, Pastor John Leach announced this at their wedding.  (Which was INCREDIBLE, btw, despite the rain and the bear. I may talk about it in a later blog.)

So now, a strange thing is happening. Michaela gets embarrassed when she sees people kissing. She will turn away and hide her eyes.  I think it is strange that they both reacted the same way to kissing. None of our other kids did this. Stina and Michaela have so many similarities.  This, of course, terrifies me. There is not a person in this world who gets more joy out of torturing me than Stina does.

Michaela had her first overnighter at Stina’s house last night.  They both had a ball. And to think, I was afraid that the 18 year difference between them would stop them from being close. Is the world really ready for a mini version of Christina? Am I?


One Response to “Kissing”

  1. Yes, the world is a better place with a mini version of Stina around.

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