Incredible Gifts!

glen-eryie chris-tomlin3

Our children have recently given some incredible gifts to us.  For Christmas, they all chipped in and bought a night in Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs for just Gary and me. They also gave a gift certificate to us from Olive Garden. So in the middle of January we had almost 24 hours together, no children – just rest and each other. Wow. We had the best time. We talked and laughed and just enjoyed not hearing, “Mom, can I . . . ” or “Mom, can you . . .” It was such a blessing to us.

Then, for Gary’s upcoming 48th birthday, they chipped in again and bought tickets to the Chris Tomlin concert for Gary and me. It was, hands down, the most incredible concert that I have ever attended. It touched something deep inside my soul.

I absolutely love being the mother of six. I truly treasure every moment – I have even learned to treasure the moments that aren’t so pleasant. But, these two little respites from responsibility were exactly what we needed. It is like our children knew how demanding they can be and gave us the gift of time without them.

And the lyrics from last night will not leave my mind or heart –

“My chains are gone,

I’ve been set free

My God, my Savior has ransomed me

And like a flood His mercy rains

Unending love, Amazing Grace.”


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