A Budd Night Out


We had a birthday dinner tonight for Elissa.  It has been an exciting month for her; she finished high school, bought her first car with cash (yesterday) and her eighteenth birthday is in six days. I love family birthday dinners. We always go to the restaurant of the birthday person’s choosing. (Unless, of course, Gary bribes the child into going where he wants to go.) Then we all go around and each family member tells the birthday person what he or she means to us. I treasure those times. It is so wonderful to hear the different perspectives of each member of our family. It is my favorite family tradition.

And then we did something that will probably not become a family tradition.


We all piled in the van for the ride home – there aren’t enough seats when everyone is there, so we usually have one or two on the floor. (If the children’s safety-conscious fireman godfather, Dan Hoff, is reading this, I apologize. Most of the time we take more than one car so everyone can buckle.) Next, Gary put in an Amy Grant oldies CD for the children’s listening pleasure. Nate is now very excited to have Gary’s help in picking the music for the wedding. Many members were happy to blast out the lyrics to “Mountain Top” and “Old Man’s Rubble”.  The children were enjoying themselves so much that we decided to go look at Christmas lights just to extend our time together.


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