I HATE being lied to . . .

Yesterday a customer lied to Christina, my office manager/daughter. I had a conversation with this person a few minutes prior to the conversation that Christina had with this person. I unmistakenly and disctictivly told her something. This person turned around and told Christina I had said something other than what I had said. There was no “miscommunication” or “confusion” here. It was a lie. It wasn’t a big lie but it was still a lie. About a month prior to this I caught another person in a lie. I “called this person on the carpet” about what she had said and she refused to even acknowledge any of it.

Sometimes it is easy to guess the motivation of the person who is lying. I do my best to look at the person with grace. I try to put myself in their shoes and see the heart behind their words. But I still really, really hate it. I always teach my children that you can’t respect someone and lie to them at the same time. I know different people have different values. But when a person chooses to place his/her own pride above what is true or tries to get what he/she wants at the expense of honesty, it damages relationships. It damages people. And it makes me really sad. I think it makes God sad also.


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