My son is the best because he is the most amazing, incredible, self sacrificing person i have ever met. I put him right up there with Jesus. all my other children are just rude and self serving. but not Daniel. No he is the most giving loving person ever, i love him so much. I dedicate this blog to My Son the greatest of all.


6 Responses to “MY SON DANIEL IS THE BEST!!!”

  1. annettebudd Says:

    It appears that I have an unauthorized guest blogger.

  2. I see Daniel has gotten into your blog. isn’t it nice that he feels so special?

  3. annettebudd Says:

    Special is the word for Daniel.

  4. I’ve been thinking that maybe Christina wrote this. It seems like it would be her sense of humor. Certainly, it would be Kent’s sense of humor.

  5. Jacie Penney Says:

    I would put Daniel up there with Jesus, too…;)

  6. Luigi Bombgars Says:

    Daniel wrote this, and a-no doubt. He never capitilizes ‘I’s. Plus, he is a-so smart, only he could-a sneek in and write this with nobody discovering. Ahehehehe….such a clever fox.

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