What should we read next?


Normally, I have a long list of books that I want to read either to myself or my children. Right now, there is nothing in the queue. Nada. Zip. Sarah and I need to start a new book together in a week. As a wrote last week, we just finished Captivating. We are looking for a book (not a novel) that we would both enjoy. I would be very grateful for suggestions.


3 Responses to “What should we read next?”

  1. Here we are approaching winter – has Sarah read ‘The long winter’ by Laura ingalls Wilder? I know I sure enjoyed it when you sent it.

  2. annettebudd Says:

    I can’t remember if she has or not. I know that some of my children have. I’ll ask her. I did love that book. Maybe it is more of a February thing though.

  3. Bob Merrick Says:

    Deadline is the story of a politically correct journalist forced by tragic and mysterious circumstances to come to terms with his own mortality. In the process he must also deal with the consequences of his skewed perspectives on life, family, morality, and religion. Intended for believers and unbelievers.
    At first, I recommended The Shack. It is a heartwarming story, but there are some theological non-biblical ideas that are very toublesome in the book. If you can read the book as a piece of fiction , a little beyond allegorical, then it would be okay. However, I would like to recommend Randy Alcorn’s book(s) Deadline, Dominion and Deception in that order. They are very suspenseful and full of faith challenges from a well-known Christian author. Below is a blurb about his book Deadline.

    Deadline portrays friendship, family, faith, morality, social decline and media bias in the context of an unpredictable and hopeful story of personal crisis and change. The second story line, on death’s other side, compliments the who-done-it mystery. Deadline is a unique pro-family, pro-values, pro-life, pro-faith book. It portrays the vital connection between how we think and live in the present, and how that will inevitably impact our future, both on earth and in eternity.

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