My husband is tough!

11070807321 Sure the baby blue surgery cap doesn’t make him look tough, but trust me, he is. Gary had his fifth knee surgery today. He has had three ACL replacements and two arthroscopic surgeries.

And you just haven’t lived until you see him slide into home plate. He still plays softball in the spring, summer and fall. Watching him play is one of my favorite things to do. He coaches our church team, Jubilee Fellowship. Our whole family turns out for most of his games. He has the mind and the body of a twenty-something-year old but the knees of his grandpa.

When he had his last ACL replacement back in January, the doctor was amazed that he was still active. His knee was hitting bone-on-bone and is full of arthritis.  But this never slows him down. He didn’t even use crutches once after that surgery.

The surgery today was needed because the arthritis in his knee created these big rock-like things. Two large pieces had broken off and were rolling around inside his knee cap. As he would move, they would shift positions and a message was instantly sent to his brain to shut the joint down.  He would be walking and it would just completely give way without any kind of notice.  This was especially dangerous for him as he is frequently carrying heavy fans up and down wet stairs. So, we got it fixed. Here is a pic of the smaller rock. The larger rock had to be crushed in order to remove it. 1107080826He will be back at work, pushing the scrub wand on Monday. I told you he was tough. I can’t wait for spring ball!


One Response to “My husband is tough!”

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how tough your husband is. It is a blessing to know him and have him teaching us P.E. I hope to be a husband like him someday.

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