Colorado Amendments – How I am voting

I have recently had a few people ask how I am voting on certain amendments.  I just thought I would explain how I am voting and the reasons behind my decisions here.

Yes on 46! Government should not be allowed to give preferential treatment to any person or company based on race or sex. This just insures a level playing field.

Yes on 47! No one should be forced to join a union or maintain union membership in order to work.

Yes on 48! A person’s a person no matter how small. All human life needs to be treated with respect.

Yes on 49! Lobbyists all need to get their money through direct donations. It is not right for some lobbyists to have the advantage of getting funds through payroll deductions of public employees. If I was a public employee, I would not want to experience the disapproval of my supervisors if I did not support what they wanted me to support with my money.

I just can’t decide on 50.  Overall, I think gambling is a bad thing for our society. This amendment would just give longer hours and higher limits for those places that already allow gambling.

No on 51! It is a tax increase to help disabled people. I do care about the disabled but our taxes are already high enough. This is $186 million tax hike. Ouch.

Yes on 52! This makes the government spend state severance taxes on roads. Severance taxes are paid by companies that take natural resources (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) out of the earth.

53 has been removed from the ballot. It has already been printed, so you will see it but it doesn’t count.

Yes on 54! This is known as the clean government amendment.  It will stop some specific kinds of government contractors from contributing to political campaigns. I am hoping it will mean less money available for television ads.

55, 56 and 57 have been removed from the ballot. It has already been printed, so you will still see them but they won’t count.

No on 58! The ads on this have been confusing but if you read the first words of the amendment “SHALL STATE TAXES BE INCREASED $321.4 MILLION ANNUALLY”. Governor Ritter’s commercials lead you to think it is something other than a tax increase but it isn’t.

No on 59! I still believe that the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (no matter how completely wacky and embarrassing Republican Douglas Bruce is now) is a fabulous thing for the state of Colorado. It keeps the control in our hands. Amendment 59 would let the government keep all of the extra taxes that are collected.

Yes on Referendum L – If a twenty-one year old can get him/herself elected, more power to them.

Yes on Referendum M – Gets rid of obsolete provisions

Yes on Referendum N – Gets rid of obsolete provisions

No on Referendum O – This just changes some of the rules about how amendments get on the ballot and how politicians deal with them.


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