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What should we read next?

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Normally, I have a long list of books that I want to read either to myself or my children. Right now, there is nothing in the queue. Nada. Zip. Sarah and I need to start a new book together in a week. As a wrote last week, we just finished Captivating. We are looking for a book (not a novel) that we would both enjoy. I would be very grateful for suggestions.



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captivating Rarely will it take me more than a few days to read a book when I am reading it for my own pleasure or growth.  A few years ago Christina gave the book Captivating to me for my birthday. As usual, I opened it and read it very quickly; not really taking the time that it needed to sink into my soul.

Because Sarah is the only one of my children that I am schooling full-time right now, I decided that the two of us would take the time to read it out loud together. We started in August and will finish the book this week. Since we are only taking small, bite-size pieces at a time, my creator has taken the opportunity to speak to the deep places inside me about what a woman is and about who I am. It has been both painful and liberating.

John and Stasi Eldredge spend so much time emphasizing the beautiful strength that women have and the irreplaceable and incredible role that God desires for them to play. From the beginning, the enemy of our soul set out to destroy Eve (and all her daughters) despising her beauty, her role in relationships and her strength; despising all of the image of God in which she was created. This book points out what Satan has stolen and guides women back to reclaim the real identity that God intended from the beginning.

And I don’t have to look very far to see beauty. God has surrounded me with four amazing examples of what femininity should be, my daughters. I saw them on many of the pages of this book. The strengths that they possess daily inspires me to be what God has called me to be.

I see Christina as Deborah (Judges 4 & 5). It would take much too long to recount the story here and I could not do it justice anyway. Christina is a marvelously courageous leader like Deborah. She wasn’t afraid to go into battle even when Barak was. Just like Deborah, Stina sees God’s hand instead of the obstacles.  They both clearly hear God’s voice and nothing is going to detract them from following Him. An undeniable strength surrounds Stina just like it did Deborah. There is something about Christina that draws people to her. She has an uncanny ability to bring people together. Christina’s beauty is stunning.

I see Elissa as Esther. Her strength is quieter than Stina’s but no less. Her strength is in her vulnerability. Over and over again, Esther did not put up walls of protection around herself when in trying and dangerous situations. Esther saved the nation of Israel through her willingness to expose her heart.  I know my first response when I sense that something may hurt me is to do whatever I can to hide my heart; I think the vast majority of people do exactly that. When you really examine it, it takes a massive amount of maturity and strength to let yourself be vulnerable. The willingness to stay soft even when you know that the world wants to harm or destroy you, takes strength of Herculean proportions and it is intensively attractive.

I see Sarah as Mary, the mother of Jesus. Softhearted and obedient. Sarah is willing to let God use her however He chooses, even if it involves great personal sacrifice.  Both Mary and Sarah are trustworthy beyond measure. Sometimes I think about how shocking it was for God to place himself in the most vulnerable of all positions, a newborn baby. And who does he choose to care of this infant? A young, teenage girl. A girl who was probably about the same age as Sarah is now. And just like Mary, Sarah has that same spirit. Her beauty is captivating.

And then there is Michaela. I can’t wait to see the kind of woman that God raises her to be. Watching her dance, nurture her little brother and come up with crazy ideas and ways to make those ideas come to life, gives me complete confidence that she will be every bit as beautiful as her sisters.

One of the Fun Things About Being Three . . .

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Michaela and our new neighbors

Michaela is in a costume phase right now and it is really fun. Every pretty, long flowing dress is a “wedding dress”. There is lots of pretending and a deep appreciation for everything beautiful. Three is good!

My “in” with Steve Carell – my dad’s cousin Jane Gilchrist

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My dad’s cousin Jane from Canada was in the new Get Smart movie that recently was released. What do you think my chances are for getting on the set of The Office?

My husband is tough!

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11070807321 Sure the baby blue surgery cap doesn’t make him look tough, but trust me, he is. Gary had his fifth knee surgery today. He has had three ACL replacements and two arthroscopic surgeries.

And you just haven’t lived until you see him slide into home plate. He still plays softball in the spring, summer and fall. Watching him play is one of my favorite things to do. He coaches our church team, Jubilee Fellowship. Our whole family turns out for most of his games. He has the mind and the body of a twenty-something-year old but the knees of his grandpa.

When he had his last ACL replacement back in January, the doctor was amazed that he was still active. His knee was hitting bone-on-bone and is full of arthritis.  But this never slows him down. He didn’t even use crutches once after that surgery.

The surgery today was needed because the arthritis in his knee created these big rock-like things. Two large pieces had broken off and were rolling around inside his knee cap. As he would move, they would shift positions and a message was instantly sent to his brain to shut the joint down.  He would be walking and it would just completely give way without any kind of notice.  This was especially dangerous for him as he is frequently carrying heavy fans up and down wet stairs. So, we got it fixed. Here is a pic of the smaller rock. The larger rock had to be crushed in order to remove it. 1107080826He will be back at work, pushing the scrub wand on Monday. I told you he was tough. I can’t wait for spring ball!

Colorado Amendments – How I am voting

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I have recently had a few people ask how I am voting on certain amendments.  I just thought I would explain how I am voting and the reasons behind my decisions here.

Yes on 46! Government should not be allowed to give preferential treatment to any person or company based on race or sex. This just insures a level playing field.

Yes on 47! No one should be forced to join a union or maintain union membership in order to work.

Yes on 48! A person’s a person no matter how small. All human life needs to be treated with respect.

Yes on 49! Lobbyists all need to get their money through direct donations. It is not right for some lobbyists to have the advantage of getting funds through payroll deductions of public employees. If I was a public employee, I would not want to experience the disapproval of my supervisors if I did not support what they wanted me to support with my money.

I just can’t decide on 50.  Overall, I think gambling is a bad thing for our society. This amendment would just give longer hours and higher limits for those places that already allow gambling.

No on 51! It is a tax increase to help disabled people. I do care about the disabled but our taxes are already high enough. This is $186 million tax hike. Ouch.

Yes on 52! This makes the government spend state severance taxes on roads. Severance taxes are paid by companies that take natural resources (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) out of the earth.

53 has been removed from the ballot. It has already been printed, so you will see it but it doesn’t count.

Yes on 54! This is known as the clean government amendment.  It will stop some specific kinds of government contractors from contributing to political campaigns. I am hoping it will mean less money available for television ads.

55, 56 and 57 have been removed from the ballot. It has already been printed, so you will still see them but they won’t count.

No on 58! The ads on this have been confusing but if you read the first words of the amendment “SHALL STATE TAXES BE INCREASED $321.4 MILLION ANNUALLY”. Governor Ritter’s commercials lead you to think it is something other than a tax increase but it isn’t.

No on 59! I still believe that the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (no matter how completely wacky and embarrassing Republican Douglas Bruce is now) is a fabulous thing for the state of Colorado. It keeps the control in our hands. Amendment 59 would let the government keep all of the extra taxes that are collected.

Yes on Referendum L – If a twenty-one year old can get him/herself elected, more power to them.

Yes on Referendum M – Gets rid of obsolete provisions

Yes on Referendum N – Gets rid of obsolete provisions

No on Referendum O – This just changes some of the rules about how amendments get on the ballot and how politicians deal with them.