Warning: TMI

Warning: This post may contain TOO MUCH INFORMATION for some of you. If you don’t want to know personal information about BREASTFEEDING – stop now! Don’t complain.

I am in the process of weaning David – another two or three days and it will be over. This makes me both sad and happy. I love nursing. It is a special time that has always been precious. At times, holding my youngest two children has been a competition in my house. All of the older ones loved holding the babies. I often had to fight them off to hold my own little ones. But I could always pull out the nursing card – no one else could do it. It insured that I would have the time with them that they (and I) needed.

And now, it is almost over. I did some research and have figured that in my lifetime I have produced approximately 500 gallons of milk.  That’s crazy. That’s a lot of work.

David is now 13 1/2 months. This is the longest I have ever nursed a child. Stina has vowed to tease him about this when he is older. So, to save him the embarrassment that his older siblings will definitely inflict upon him, I have decided to stop. This season is OVER!


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