Another Palin Post?

I’ve been so excited about how this campaign is going that I have decided to do yet another Sarah Palin post. Every day I grow more and more impressed with her character. I couldn’t be more impressed at the way she is dealing with the media. I’ve not heard any whining or complaining from her about the treatment that she is receiving. And it just continues and continues. At this point, nothing that they do concerning Sarah surprises me.

And McCain is really impressing me.  I didn’t catch the original airing of The View but I did see clips of both the Obama and McCain interview back to back. Their treatment of Obama was embarrassing. Telling him that he was hot and asking him about being related to Brad Pitt – come on. It made me want to take a shower. And then, in contrast, the way that Barbara Walters tore into McCain without even looking him in the eye. I just can’t get over how completely different those interviews were. I think that McCain handled them very graciously.


4 Responses to “Another Palin Post?”

  1. McCain going on the view was a gutsy move. He definitely gets kudos for that. Obama, on the other hand, has been shying from situations like that (such as his refusal to join McCain at the town hall meetings).

    And since Obama has recently taken to bringing his teleprompter on the road (since the lipstick pig gaffe), the debates are certainly going to be interesting.

  2. I totally agree with you. Sarah Palin really is a breath of fresh air, especially in the world of politics. I have been so frustrated with the choices available in a few of the last elections. Sarah does seem to personify the fact that truth, honesty, and dedication to her work in a sincere fashion can really get you far in this world. She doesn’t have to know it all, just do what she does best! How cool would it be to see a normal American doing day to day business in the White House?

  3. I feel just the opposite – the more I see of her, the more I don’t like her and see how different she is that you. I was going to write about how different you were when you put your first post out but it just got too long. In essence, you are a caring loving mother without selfish motives – who considers her family first. I see Sarah Palin as self-centered, attention seeking, manipulative and totally not a breath of fresh air. However, the more I see John McCain the more I like him. The more I see Obama, the less I like him.

    At any rate there is just way, way too much commentary and spin with this whole political process. I’m trying to just see the candidates without hearing so and so’s bias opinion. Time will tell. Given enough rope they will hang themselves with their words.

  4. annettebudd Says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words about the kind of mother that I am. It means a lot.

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