What Does It Mean To Two-Fourteen?

For the last eight years, I have lived in a neighborhood which happens to be located in Precinct 214 of Arapahoe County, Colorado. I have served as a republican precinct leader here and in other neighborhoods for many years. Some of you may ask, “Why would you want such a thankless job?” Time is a precious commodity for everyone – but, for this season in my life, time is invaluable. Between running our business, chasing after my toddlers, homeschooling my seventh grader, teaching two classes at Crossroads Christian Academy and running a household with eight people, why would I make time to work for the republicans? Do the hours I spend engaged in this activity matter at all?


You see, I am working for so much more than a political party. I am working for:

  • The ownership of my husband’s sweat. Trust me, as a carpet cleaner, he sweats. (Ask my teenage daughters.) And that sweat provides for our family. The problem is that our government seems to think that it owns the fruit of his labors. This needs to change. Now.
  • Real solutions to the nightmare that constitutes our energy problems.
  • A deep respect for all human life.
  • And hope for this country’s future.

So this week, as my party meets at the RNC in the Twin Cities, I ask my leaders to reaffirm my belief that all of my labors are not in vain. I’m trusting you.


One Response to “What Does It Mean To Two-Fourteen?”

  1. great post Annette. We should all stop and think about what we are voting/fighting for personally…not just out of civic duty.

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