Things that Sarah Palin and I have in common

I am very excited about McCain’s VP choice. On a personal level, it appears that she and I have a lot of things in common –

  • We were in high school at the same time; Annette graduated in 1983 – Sarah 1982
  • We both played the flute in high school
  • We have both been married for at least two decades; Annette, 24 – Sarah, 20
  • We both have more than the average amount of children; Annette, 6 – Sarah, 5
  • We both have more girls than boys; Annette, 4 – Sarah, 3
  • We both have a large span between our oldest and youngest child; Annette, 20 years – Sarah, 19
  • We both faced the same ridiculously false accusation that our oldest daughter really gave birth to our youngest child despite eye witness testimony and photographic evidence to the contrary.
  • We both refuse to let child birth slow us down.  After her water broke on the day of her youngest son’s birth, she delivered a keynote address in Texas and then flew eight hours to Alaska to have the baby. She returned to office three days after delivering the child. Well, she has me beat there but the words maternity leave have never been in my vocabulary.
  • She is a non-denominational Christian

And politically I have the utmost respect for her. It appears that we agree on all the issues that are important to me. She also said this a month before she was chosen,

“But as for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day? I’m used to being very productive and working real hard in an administration. We want to make sure that that VP slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for the things that we’re trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the U.S., before I can even start addressing that question.”

I love the fact that she is very concerned about having the ability to be productive all the time.

For awhile, I was afraid that McCain did not really understand who I am.  His VP choice has renewed my faith in him.


20 Responses to “Things that Sarah Palin and I have in common”

  1. GREAT POST! Thanks for this!

  2. Carol Hill Says:

    She really is all that and a bag of chips. John McCain and Sarah Palin are an extraordinary duo.

  3. I was worried for her when McCain introduced her, but the moment she appeared you could see her confidence and poise. A lot of people are backing down now from this emotional response they had to her, but I don’t see any reason to back down from it. How different can she be from that initial first impression?

  4. Sarahcuda is the one we’ve been waiting for…

    Go Sarah!

  5. G. Butner Says:

    I suspect a majority of Christians had given up hope on electing a strong Christian to office in this upcoming election. I know in my wildest dreams I never thought we would see another Ronald Reagan. Then the Lord answered prayer in a most unexpected way. I say unexpected, because His answers are always different from what we expect. It seems He had been hiding a 44 y.o. Godly conservative lady in a remote corner of the U.S. Who would have thought the spirit of Ronald Reagan would enter the political arena once more. I look at her qualifications and life experiences, and I expect as I turn to the next page I will read she killed the bear with her hands. In my opinion, the Lord has raised up this awesome lady to lead America. ::::Shaking my head in amazement::::

  6. Great post and very excited for your Hugh link.

  7. Saw your IM but couldn’t chat. That’s great with Hugh Hewitt. How did he do that? I don’t know why I’m kind of dense on this. Thanks for letting me know. And I love your post. She is easy to relate to but you two do have a lot in common.

  8. Mr. Moreno Says:

    A FRONTIER lady, YAHOO!!!

    A REAL AMERICAN, that we can believe in!

  9. Bill Brandt Says:

    Man I am impressed with Sarah. She is a babe and an NRA member – reflects the value of most conservatives. Does she have a single sister? 😉

    She will reveal the never-ending hyprocracy of the left when they denounce her as “not the right kind of woman” but she will get many other on-the-fence women.

    Finally I have to say that I am proud of her because her accomplishments would make her a natural pick regardless of gender.

  10. renewed your faith? your lovely child will already be paying for George Bush’s debt we owe to China, and this ticket also means more war with Iraq and more billions taken out of our pockets for that and no change in healthcare, and more of the same – how can you think this would even be different than it is now?

  11. She is not a “non-denominational” Christian. She is a member of the Assemblies of God…a very right wing, very dominionist group.

    Even moderate Christians should be afraid of this pick.

  12. annettebudd Says:

    She grew up in an Assembly of God church but her home church in Wasilla, Alaska is The Church on the Rock, which is non-denominational.

  13. Sarah Palin is amazing! I am inspired.

  14. I am pleased that Senator McCain chose an out of the box running mate, and even more pleased that she happens to be a woman.

    But, there are things I DON’T have in common with Sarah Palin:

    I do not own three homes

    I am not anti-gay

    I do not oppose birth control pills and condoms even for married couples

    I do not advocate for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

    I am not under investigation for an abuse of power in my state

    I understand what the job of a VP is

    I do not think the free market is the panacea for social problems, we need a human conscience in the mix

    I am not a self-described ‘hockey mom’

    I do not kill animals for sport

    My favorite food is not moose stew

    There are many excellent candidates out there, sadly Gov. Palin is not one of them. Palin against terrorism? Don’t think so.

  15. I’m very exciited, and couldn’t be happier that McCain chose Palin!

  16. Practicing Catholic Says:

    You and Sarah are awesome! 🙂 I am pleasantly surprised and quite excited about Gov. Palin, and so are very many of my fellow Catholics! Many of us were becoming resigned to either voting 3rd party or else not at all. We never expected McCain to choose Gov. Palin as his VP. But God has answered our prayers abundantly, all thanks and praise to Him!

    Best regards,
    Heather Barrett
    The Practicing Catholic

  17. treehugginglib Says:

    tortuca – I adore you. Well stated.

  18. treehugginglib Says:

    And let’s not forget…Alaska’s proximity to Russia is plenty of National Security experience, at least according to Cindy McCain.

  19. Sarah is a much-needed breath of fresh air for the political process. She is honest and direct; articulate and poised and has great energy. She is one who does instead of says; and we need people who have the real American background of having actually WORKED in a business instead of doing something on the public dole. As we discover more of Obama’s work years; we see how he used his charisma and oral skill to climb; and he relies on the left media to keep his deeds obscure. It is not necessarily commission but the huge O – omission of anything that approached reform when he could have done things.

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