Jubilee Celebrates 10 Years!

We have been going to Jubilee Fellowship Church for five years now – half of the time that it has been in existence. Words can’t even begin to describe what a blessing JFC has been to us.

We had been at our previous church from 1990 to 2003. Christina was a toddler and I was very pregnant with Elissa when we started there. Gary was on staff as a youth minister for many of those years. We had so many close relationships (and still maintain many of them) that it was very difficult for us to leave. Our children were VERY angry with us for leaving the only church that they ever really knew. . . . for a little while. In less than a month, our children were thanking us on almost a DAILY basis for bringing them to JFC.

I have never experienced a church like ours. There is so much life, so much freedom. The sermons completely fill us each week. In fact, we regularly listen to Pastor John for fun. Daniel (13) will pop in a Pastor John cd more often than he listens to music. For those of you who haven’t heard one of his sermons, I’m sure that you think that makes Daniel a very strange child. For those of you who have, you understand. And I am NEVER disappointed when Pastor Bob Smith, Pastor Dan DeMey or Pastor Terry Hilgers preach either. The preaching at JFC is second to none.

We feel so loved and cared for by the pastoral staff and other members of the church. We’ve gone through some very tough times (because, let’s face it: life is tough) since we have been part of JFC. Without doubt, I can say that we were never alone in those times. The church has stood with us and even held us when things got bad.

Because it is made up of a bunch of sinners (just like any other church), it isn’t perfect. People get hurt. I’ve been hurt. But there will never be a place this side of heaven where that doesn’t happen. Not everything the church offers works for everyone in our family all the time – but it is a place full of life and freedom. A place where the depths of my soul can experience God. I am so grateful.


One Response to “Jubilee Celebrates 10 Years!”

  1. Even though we no longer attend Jubilee, we love Pastor John and the church.

    Congratulations Jubilee and keep growing the Kingdom!

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