First Video Game for the Budds

Our family has never owned a real video game – Nintendos, Game Cubes, X Boxes and Playstations have been requested by our children over the years, but never allowed. We always figured that they would present parenting battles for us if they were in our home. And since we are outnumbered 3 to 1 by our children, we choose our battles very carefully.

Of course, when this new system came out, our children begged for it also. But since it is a video game, we automatically said, “no”. They kept telling us how different this was from all the other games and we pretty much ignored them. Then our family was at Jesse and Jessica Sportsman’s home a couple of months ago and played with their Wii. My precious children and loving husband really enjoyed tormenting and mocking me. The fact that I actually have less electronic athletic ability than real athletic ability surprised no one. Everyone has animated stories about watching me try to catch balls in our backyard. Apparently, it is very funny.

What we did notice was how interactive this game was. It didn’t seem to promote the the ‘zoning out’ that other games tend to do. We actually liked it. So, still tentatively, we broke down and agreed to letting our children purchase it. (We have much better things to do with our money – like eat.)

Daniel (13) cleans a decent amount of carpet with his dad, gets paid for it and, for the most part, saves his money. (A Wii and an extra controller cost $300! That’s enough money to feed our family for almost a week. – Wow!) So, I took him and Daniel Smith to Best Buy this morning, stood in line (?) and waited for the store to open. He walked out of there hugging his new toy.


3 Responses to “First Video Game for the Budds”

  1. You are totally amazing. How to feed a family of 8 on $300 a week. That works out to something like $1.79 a meal….. not counting gas to the grocery store.

  2. annettebudd Says:

    Thanks Mom! I’m always trying to convice Gary that I am really frugal in this area and we are just feeding a lot of people. I can’t believe how much prices have gone up. I appreciate the encouragement – I’ve not tried to do the math before.

  3. the wii is pretty stinking fun!

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