David is walking!

In the last week David has gone from taking a step here and there to walking all the way across the room. In a couple of days crawling will be a thing of the past for him. He is almost eleven months now and weighs a whopping 15 pounds. All of the Budd children (except Daniel) were such little things. Everyone who sees him is just amazed that such a little guy can walk. It seems normal to me – they all were pretty early walkers.

Walking, of course, will open up a whole new world for him. He will be able to reach, grab and spill everything in site. Michaela is just coming out of that stage now. (I am glad that I married a carpet cleaner!) If he is like Michaela, he will be climbing the fence in no time at all. Although, he seems to be much calmer than the average Budd child. (Elissa was my other calm child.) I have done my time with the wild ones and earned another calm child. God knows how old and tired I am. It is true, even at my age, that part of me still really does enjoy the noise and chaos. My house is full of life and it shows, all the time. But, I am not objecting if God has seen fit to give me a quiet, compliant one.


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