$11,277.00 Mistake

I am so scatter-brained lately.  Because I haven’t been able to find the right person to work in our office, I have been forced to attempt to run both our household and our business simultaneously. This really isn’t working very well for me at all. My heart definitely is in the house while my body is in the office and my mind is on vacation.

Last Wednesday, I ran a customer’s credit card.  There is a box where you are supposed to input the address and one where you are supposed to input the amount. Instead of putting $400 in the amount box, I put her street address – 11277. This transaction settled, they took the money out of her account and instead of putting it in our account, it is now floating around in cyberspace somewhere. The customer is really unhappy (and I don’t blame her) and I am unhappy because they also are refusing to put all of the credit card receipts that we have ran after than into our account. I did not become aware of this situation until today. I have been writing checks on money that was supposed to be in our account. I shudder to think what this will do with our checking account.

We have spent all morning receiving and sending faxes with our merchant account to try to resolve this. They guy who is in charge and can make the final decision to set everything right, will not pick up his phone. His underlings have done all they can do. I have done all I can do. It is incredibly frustrating.


4 Responses to “$11,277.00 Mistake”

  1. This is exactly what happens with mercury retrograde. So many people, including myself are experiencing frustrating experiences and money mistakes/issues. The good news is that it goes direct on Thursday the 19th, so it will be much easier to resolve the problems then. In the meantime, don’t write anymore checks or you will have mega overdraft charges from the bank

  2. annettebudd Says:

    As much as I would like to toss the blame on something else, the planets didn’t have anything to do with this. It was just my own goof-up. The credit card acceptance company put the money back in our account today. I was surprised when I reread my contract and it allows them to build a ‘reserve account’ completely at their option, whenever they choose to do so. They don’t even have to have a reason. It cost me $217 in overdraft fees. I asked the bank over the phone to remove them but they won’t. I think I will write the bank a letter today.

    Lessons Learned: a half second of inattention can cost you days of work and tons of money.

  3. It isn’t a matter of throwing the blame on someone or something else. When Mercury goes retrograde it is a proven fact that many errors happen that don’t happen otherwise. That is why it is just wise to work overtime to be alert and double check things that you won’t double check normally as errors occur more due to inattention to details. Plus technological problems are rampant.

  4. Wow! That’s scary. Praise the Lord that it was resolved so quickly!

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