Lost Sock World

One of the most difficult things that I have to manage in my home are socks. I am so happy that it is almost summer and flip flops (we ALWAYS referred to them as thongs growing up, but my children want to die everytime I say that) rule. Everyone makes fun of Elissa for wearing thongs (aka flip flops) in the winter – but it is truly a gift not having her raid my sock drawer as often as she would if she wore normal shoes. Anyway back to socks. . .

We have a place in our home called lost sock world. I was going to take a photo of how pathetic it was and post it here, but I can no longer do it because ELISSA tackled the enormous job of sorting through it, throwing away the socks with gigantic holes and adding dramatically to the availability of this precious resource for every member of our family.

I was actually quietly savings this terrible chore for the next child that really made me angry. Elissa did this without me even starting to complain about it. She is truly amazing.

Now, my big problem remains . . . what will I use for punishment the next time someone really deserves it? Any ideas?


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