Passover Seder

Sunday night, Brian and Jeanie Kochis hosted an incredible passover supper for around 30 people.  It was a wonderful experience that I will always remember. Almost the whole family (not sure about little Phoebe) spent hours and hours cooking and preparing for it. Sure, I have gone to church Passover celebrations before but this was the first time I have ever celebrated it as a guest in someone’s home.  They celebrate it every year together as a family and this year they blessed a lot of people by sharing their normal experiences.

The children searched the house for little pieces of leavened bread. (The leaven represents sins.) When they found the hidden pieces, they used a feather and a spoon to scoop it up. Then they took it outside where the fathers helped them burn it.

A piece of matza bread was wrapped in a cloth and hidden from the children. (This represented Jesus.) They searched the house and Sarah and Michaela were the ones to find it.  As a prize, they got five coins.

We ate the things that were Biblically prescribed. One of the Kochis children asked Brian all of the traditional questions and Brian answered them. We drank all the cups and sang the blessings as we did so.

Laurel Cohen explained everything that was happening and the meaning behind it as we went through. She is one of the most amazing women that I know. Her heart belongs to God first and Israel next.  I am excited to see what God will do through her in the future.

She had a power point presentation that included a lot of different depictions of the last supper. We spent a lot of time analazing discussing them. (Yeah – Annette actually got to have an adult conversation!) Of course, there was Davinci’s portrayal. Which we are all so familiar with so I didn’t post it here. Then we looked at some very old artwork. And Laurel explained why so many of these images are so offensive to the Jews. I had never thought about that before. She showed us the following three images, which I find very offensive.

After looking at these, I understood why many Jews are so offended by Christian art. Much of the symbolism in portrayals of the last supper are as offensive to Jews as the above photos are offensive to Christians.  It really made me think. I had never understood it before.

To end on a more positive note: She also showed the photo below to us. I love it.  It is such an incredible understanding of who Jesus really is. 


One Response to “Passover Seder”

  1. Why do you find these photos offensive? You said that you understood it and it made you think… But what did you understand? What did you think about? What is it this it…?

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