Boys and Dolls

Okay – I am not a man. I totally get the fact that when God gave me two boys, He knew that I couldn’t teach them how to grow up and be men. Only a man can teach a boy how to be a man. If my two boys grow up to be exactly like their father, not only will I be happy, the whole world will be blessed. But still. . .

Is it totally necessary to freak out if my eight-month-old son, David, crawls over to a doll that his two-year-old sister left on the floor and touches it?

I guess I grew up with Free to Be You and Me crowd. Sure, Alan Alda and Marlo Thomas are not the role models I would choose for myself and my children, but really – is it so bad for a boy to have a doll. I really do agree with the reasoning presented in the following song:

When my friend William was five years old
He wanted a doll, to hug and hold
“A doll,” said William, “is what I need
To wash and clean, and dress and feed

“A Doll to give a bottle to
And put to bed when day is through
And any time my doll gets ill
I’ll take good care of it,” said my friend Bill

A doll, a doll, William wants a doll
Don’t be a sissy said his best friend Ed
Why should a boy want to play with a doll
Dolls are for girls said his cousin Fred
Don’t be a jerk, said his older brother
“I know what to do,” said his father to his mother

So his father bought him a basketball
A badminton set, and that’s not all
A bag of marbles, a baseball glove
And all the things a boy would love

And Bill was good at every game
Enjoyed them all, but all the same
When Billy’s father praised his skill
“Can I please have a doll now,” said my friend Bill

A doll, a doll, William wants a doll
A doll, a doll, William wants a doll

Then William’s grandma arrived one day
And wanted to know what he liked to play
And Bill said, “Baseball’s my favorite game
I like to play, but all the same

“I’d give my bat and ball and glove
To have a doll that I could love”
“How very wise,” his grandma said
Said Bill, “but everyone says this instead”

A doll, a doll, William wants a doll
A doll, a doll, William wants a doll

So William’s grandma, as I’ve been told
Bought William a doll, to hug and hold
And William’s father began to frown
But grandma smiled, and calmed him down

Explaining, William wants a doll
So when he has a baby someday
He’ll know how to dress it, put diapers on double
And gently caress it to bring up a bubble
And care for his baby as every good father
Should learn to do

William has a doll, William has a doll
‘Cause someday he is gonna be a father, too

My husband is an EXCELLENT father. He spends tons and tons of time with our children. I have never seen a man who is so totally head-over-heals in love with all of his children. I do trust his judgment and I will continue to rip the innocent little toys out of my curious son’s hands in order to appease my husband but I don’t feel like it is a big deal at all if a boy has a doll. (Especially at eight months – he plays with anything that is within his reach.)

I know that as soon as I blink my eyes, he will be old enough for fireworks and will attempt to blow up Michaela’s dolls. My brother, who is three years younger than I am, got a tool set when I was six or seven. The first thing he did was saw off the noses of most of my dolls. I think this is normal behavior and I expect that David will do those kinds of things. So really, how necessary is my husband’s vendetta against dolls?


One Response to “Boys and Dolls”

  1. I don’t see the big deal with dolls and boys! My brother was the youngest of 4 kids and the only boy so if he wanted to play with us he had to get a doll! He always chose the boy doll (because who better to play the boy doll then a boy!) and eventually ended up with a doll of his own, “My Buddy”, does anyone remember those? That thing went everywhere with him! In the dirt, on his tractor, around the house, and he has turned out just fine. He doesn’t have kids of his own yet, but he’s great with my children, and they love when he comes over. My brother in-law also had a boy Cabbage Patch doll when he was little and he’s “normal” too! He’s a great dad and has a gentle heart. In my opinion, bring on the dolls! (And then get the girls out in the dirt!)

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