Pastor John, from Jubilee Fellowship – the greatest church in the history of the world, ever – is preaching a sermon series about deadly emotions. He was preaching about depression and I have definitely been in some strange sort of funk lately which is a least bordering on depression. (I am hoping this goes away when I develop some sort of normal sleeping pattern again.)

He talked about how some of the most isolated people in the world are young mothers. Okay, so technically I am NOT a young mother but I am a mother with young children. I couldn’t agree with Pastor John more. And why is it so easy for people in this situation to become depressed? Because there are so few grown-up voices speaking into our lives. I need these grown-up voices for balance.

I didn’t realize how out of balance I was until I became part of a grown-up conversation last week. I was in a group of people and a very sweet woman mentioned how frustrated she was about a certain situation in her life. Another woman, who was definitely in some sort of bondage to the issue that the first woman brought up, proceeded to pretty strongly condemn her for being in that situation. I interrupted the condemnation and spoke life and encouragement into the first woman. The issue at hand was one that almost every woman struggles with and I had truly resolved this issue in my heart years ago.

After I came home from this conversation, the enemy of my soul started condemning me with that very same issue. It was easy for me to see what had happened in that conversation and the reasons behind it. Why on earth, would I listen to and accept that condemnation? The answer: Isolation. Since adult conversations tend to be a rare commodity in my life right now, my mind easily focused on the negative voice because there simply weren’t enough other voices to listen to.

The solution: Annette MUST get out more and have more grown-up conversations.


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